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What Does the Trademark Application Process Involve?

After completing a trademark search, the next step of the trademark registration process is making a trademark application with IP Australia. At this point, it is important to have a clear understanding of what class of goods and services your mark should be registered. Upon submitting a trademark application, it becomes difficult to make changes or extend the application of goods and services of your trademark.

As part of LegalVision’s trademark registration service, our trademark search will recommend which class of goods and services applies to your mark. You can request a trademark search here.

Trademark Application Methods

IP Australia accepts two different applications. These are known as the:

  • TM Headstart; and
  • Standard applications

Each application process has their pros and cons and accordingly, are suitable for different occasions. Making the wrong application can be a costly and timely adventure and speaking with a qualified professional is highly recommended. LegalVision’s qualified trademark lawyers will be able to advise you on which application method is most appropriate for your business needs.

Adverse Examination Reports

Adverse examination reports are issued where your trademark does not meet the requirements imposed by IP Australia. The experience of the LegalVision team means that we can help you navigate through the process of getting your trademark approved. This includes:

  • Providing recommendations and options;
  • Making adjustments to your application; or
  • Submitting supporting evidence on your behalf.

If you have a specific issue regarding adverse examination reports, or need help processing your application, get in touch with our lawyers here.

What are the Benefits of Engaging with LegalVision for Your Trademark Registration?

LegalVision’s fixed-fee model means your trademark registration becomes a stress-free and affordable process. There are some further benefits of using LegalVision, including:

  • Receiving, managing and corresponding with IP Australia on your behalf, which can be a cumbersome process.
  • Ensuring that a correct application is made with IP Australia, which mitigates the risk of having to resubmit applications in the future.
  • Safeguarding your business from the possibility of legal action. An improper application or an inadequate search strategy exposes you to a higher risk of infringement.

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