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You can think of a trademark as a brand. It is a symbol, words, letters, phrases, numbers, sounds, smells, logos, shapes, packaging, pictures, movements, or any combination of these, which distinguish your brand’s goods and services from another competitor’s.
If you are okay with your brand being confused and used by your competitors, then the answer to this question is no. Alternatively, if you want to protect your brand and the goods and services it provides, then it is advisable that you register your trademark to be recognised as the owner.
IP Australia outlines five steps involved in the trademark registration process. That is, deciding whether you have a trademark or not, understanding which goods and services your trademark is classified as, conducting a trademark search, applying, and awaiting your outcome.
Once your trademark application has been submitted to IP Australia, it takes anywhere between three to four months for IP Australia to provide an outcome. Considering there are pre-application stages (such as searching), the answer to this question is that it depends on your trademark. If there are similar trademarks to yours, the pre-application stage can take longer. Additionally, if IP Australia issues an adverse examination report, the registration process can take even longer. IP Australia issues adverse examination reports where your trademark application does not meet the legislative requirements. It is, therefore, advisable that you seek professional advice before you make an application.
Once a trademark is registered with IP Australia, it provides the person who registered it the exclusive right over the use of that trademark. This means that other people will require your permission to use the trademark.
There are two ways to apply for an international trademark. Firstly, you can make an individual application to specific countries. Alternatively, you can apply via the Madrid Protocol application, nominating the group of countries you seek protection. You can read more about our international trademark registration process here.
Trademarks only provide protection in the country that your application was made and accepted by the relevant authority. That is, applications accepted by IP Australia will only protect you in Australia.
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