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A Guide to Trademark Classes In Australia

One of the most complicated parts in filing for a trademark is determining which class is applicable for the particular good or service a trademark is associated with.  In Australia, there exist 45 classes of trademarks. This article seeks to give brief guidance regarding some of the classes to allow trademark applicants to gain a [...]

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Can you Trademark a Phrase?

Have a catchy phrase or slogan you want to protect and to be used exclusively for your business? The good news is a phrase, like other forms of intellectual property, can be registered trademark. However, certain criteria must be satisfied as unique to trademarking a phrase. These, along with the other steps to register a [...]

Can you Trademark a Phrase?2017-02-13T09:04:52+10:00

How Long Do Trademarks Last?

Knowing of the lifespan you trademark is crucial to considering the protection of your businesses intellectual property and what challenges it may face. So just how long can a trademark be registered? Can it be opposed after being successfully applied for? How do registration disputes play out? This article looks to answer these questions around [...]

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How to Get a Trademark?

The trademarking process in Australia is a multi-step process with various considerations throughout. However, it mainly consists of seeing whether a trademark is the correct type of intellectual property, determining the class of the product, searching for similar trademarks, applying for a trademark and acting on the outcome of that application. 1. Is a trademark [...]

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What Can You Trademark?

Logos and brand names aren't the only forms of intellectual property (IP) that can be protected with a trade mark. This article sets out how to go about registering a trade mark for each of the main "non-conventional" categories of trade marks, those being certification trade marks, sounds, smells, shapes, movements or colours. As set out [...]

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Trademarking A Name and Logo

Intellectual property (IP) issues are key business considerations and can be costly ones if they don't receive due attention. One of the central elements to IP is that of trademarking, particularly in relation to business names and logos, both of which are fundamental to a company brand and should as such be fully protected.  This [...]

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How to Search Trademarks?

In Australia, the primary database through which to check if your trademark has already been registered is the Australian Trade Marks Online Search System (ATMOSS). This process should be a comprehensive and thorough one so as to ensure there are no duplicates of the mark registered, that the trademark is indeed eligible for protection and [...]

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